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Budgy Smuggler

Budgy Smuggler have been supporting SUPBALL since the beginning. These local Manly legends understand that when it comes to smuggling your budgy quality is key! All their swimwear is made in Sydney, Australia and they have a huge range of designs to choose from.

Hawkesbury Brewery Co.

The people, the ocean, the mountains, the bush, this is why Hawkesbury brew their beer right here in Australia. Hawkesbury beers are 100% natural and bring together the best ingredients and the best people.

A proudly Australian independent brewery committed to making beer for the enjoyment of bringing people together.

Manly Wharf Hotel

There is no better place in Manly to catch a SUPBALL Game than Manly Wharf Hotel’s Jetty. Bar. For the first time EVER you can enjoy the full beverage list including cheeky cocktails designed in-house.