Competition Training

1 Hour

October 2018

Mondays @ 6:00pm
Tuesdays @ 6:00pm
Thursdays @ 6:00pm
Fridays @ 6:00pm
Please note - Training is for registered League members only. 

Book in SUPBALL Training to be match ready for all your SUPBALL Games! 

If you have a Competition Training Session Code add it at the checkout. 

If you don't have a training code you can purchase a once off training session.

You can also pre-purchase a 5 or 10 Training Pass:

  • 5 Pass - $100
  • 10 Pass - $150

Contact SUPBALL HQ if you have any questions about SUPBALL Training!
Purchase a Training Pass
SUPBALL Registration Terms and Conditions

1.      Full payment details must be provided at time of registering;
2.      All payments (including Registration Fees and Training Passes) are non-refundable;
3.      Registrations can be transferred to another participant. Transferred registrations do not reset. Any SUPBALL Games or SUPBALL Training taken by the original player will still be redeemed once the registration is transferred;
4.      Settlement of payment for registration transfers is the responsibility of the participants involved in the transfer;
5.      SUPBALL Training Passes valid for the season within which they are purchased;
6.      SUPBALL Training Passes valid for named player only;
7.      SUPBALL Training must be booked in advance;
8.      Cancellation of attendance to SUPBALL Training must be received at least 24 hours prior to commencement of the session;
9.      Any cancellations made within 24 hours (or ‘no shows’) will incur a 100% cancellation fee. In the case of Training Pass redemptions players will forfeit a session;
10.   Rescheduling of a Training Session is permitted outside of 24 hours from commencement of the session;
11.   SUPBALL reserves all rights to cancel or reschedule any SUPBALL Games or Training Sessions in the event of adverse weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances;
12.   It is up to SUPBALL’s discretion as to whether it is safe for SUPBALL Games or Training Sessions to go ahead